New Homer Michigan Library is dedicated
Officials praise community for its efforts


by Jamie Biggs
writer for The Index

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The Homer Public Library was dedicated Saturday, August 25, with library official praising members of the community for their support in making the new facility a reality.
  Mary Jane Saxton, library board president, gave the welcome speech, in which she announced important guests, and the library staff. She gave a brief outline of the history of the funding for the library and explained the design process. She also noted that in the first month the library was open, more than 3,000 titles were checked out of the library.
JoAnne Miller, library board vice president, presented recognition plaques.
The donor plaque hangs in the front entranceway to the left and has 287 listings of those who donated to the library.
   There is a small plaque that recognizes those from the Homer Community Foundation, which played a vital role in the fundraising effort.

 The third plaque that hands in the front entranceway to the right is made of cast bronze and recognizes George and Betty Petredean, the main financial supporters of the new library, for the meeting room doors also honor the Petredeans and all that they have done for the community.
Click here for more about the Petredeans.
    "They are special plaques for special people," said Miller.
Miller also presented a collage that was put together and framed by Daphne Stonebaker. The collage contains a portrait of the Petredeans, a photo of thte ground-breaking ceremony and a written piece about the Petredeans, which detailed George's interest in libraries, which began with his job at the Detroit Public Library when he was a college student.
"This collage was put together so that this day and how it came to be won't be lost in the future," stated Miller.
 "I believe that knowledge is power," said George Petredean in a few brief remarks during the program. "This new library is like a fountain of knowledge for community members."
"This is a beautiful library inside and out," added Betty. "Everybody will be able to enjoy it."


 Susan Hopps, village president, presented remarks on behalf of the village.
She thanked the Petredeans and all those who donated their time, money and talents.
"All the support that everyone has given shows how much they care about the library and the community," she said. "It took more than one person to bring everything together and this commemorated the group effort."

 Saxton, in closing, said that the library is working on getting more computers and would like to be able to offer computer classes to community members. The library would also like to add to the children and adult programs, and to automate their services in the near future.


   "What can you say that hasn't been said about the new library?" said George Petredean after the ceremony. "It's up with the times and is spacious and comfortable. The ceremony honored the participation of the entire community. This new facility was not a one man effort."
 "It was wonderful to have such a large crowd," commented Miller. "That shows that there is interest and support in the community for the library. I have been very pleased with the large number of patrons that have used the facilities and I am looking forward to all the new programs that we are hoping to implement.


   We want to make the library into something for the community and not just a library."

Click here for more background information and information on how you can help the new fund to stock the shelves with books.

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