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HBA eyes affiliating with Chamber

©2003 Homer Index

by Mike Warner

The Homer Business Association could have a more familiar moniker in the not too distance future - the Homer Chamber of Commerce.

HBA officials are investigating the possibility of starting their own Chamber branch, or perhaps affiliating with another group, such as the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce.

“ We are investigating whether it is feasible and advantageous for us to change,” said HBA President Chris Miller. “Local organizations tend to go strong for a few years, then fade away. That’s happened here in Homer before. The Chamber would give us long-term continuity.”

Miller cited a number of advantages in addition to continuity that would be derived from an alliance with the Chamber. He said belonging to the Chamber would give the HBA a set of standard operating procedures, establish a board of directors, aid in developing a charter, provide liability insurance and provide a means for the group to attain non-profit status. “ It would also give us more name recognition,” Miller noted. “Many people come into town wanting to know if we have a Chamber of Commerce.”

A concern with joining the Chamber was the costs involved, but Miller said he was pleasantly surprised to learn the fees would be just $125 per year for the group, plus $11 per individual.

“ I thought that was very reasonable,” he noted.

Miller stated he expects a representative of the Chamber of Commerce to address the HBA at one of its next couple of meetings. HBA members would have to vote for any change.

“ I would hope we could have a decision one way or the other by the end of
the year,” Miller remarked.


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